How it began

It was over 30 years ago that Kris Moore (nee Hackett) and Kath Gosling became friends when they met on their first day at Copleston High School.  During the next five years, like most young girls, they shared their dreams about the future they planned and hoped for and, if old age was ever mentioned, they both imagined a slow, graceful and dignified journey towards the sunset of their lives.

They both followed careers in the UK’s care sector.   At one time or another they have worked in schools, children’s homes, voluntary ‘aid’ work in Africa, parenting and fostering.

At the same time, Kris took a particular interest in music.  She joined the local music scene and performed at venues throughout East Suffolk both as a solo artist (singing and playing guitar) and as a member of several Ipswich-based bands.  Perhaps it’s also worth mentioning that Kris performed at venues as far apart as Derby, Lincolnshire, Brighton, London and Vienna – but her heart always belonged to Suffolk in general and Ipswich in particular!

Then, in 2013, Kris was diagnosed with terminal cancer and all the plans she and Kath made had to change.

The medical advice was:

“Do what’s most important to you and do it soon!

Kris’s response – in company with Kath – was to set up the Krissy and Friends Foundation.  In the limited time that they may now have together, they both want to make a difference to their local community by helping children and their families deal with life-changing illness, injury or diagnosis including mental health.  In particular, they believe music can play a big part in this help-and-support process.

Their friends in the local music scene were all keen to help and the Foundation now  has a veritable army of great bands and musicians who want to volunteer their services.  Any and all of them will sing, play or dance whenever required, all night if need be.