What we do

In our experience, the effect of therapy through music on young people with a life changing illness, injury or diagnosis – including mental health – has not been fully understood, funded or supported.  Families were unaware of, or unable to, provide this type of support, schools and youth organisations were unable to fund this work and professional therapists and musicians were struggling to meet the need.

We could see a gap in the support of the most vulnerable young people in our community, those whose life path has been altered and whose families have been disrupted and often devistated by the impact of an illness, injury or diagnosis.

The therapeutic impact of music is enormous and, although difficult to quantify, it is something to which we can all relate.  Music as a form communication, memory, emotional reaction, physical activity or shared experience, effects us on the most basic human level.  It says something words alone can not and effects us all in ways we can not explain.

By virtue of the work we do, we bring musicians together from all music genres for the benefit of a shared ‘good cause’.  All of our supporters make (and love) their music because they recognise its unfailing ability to touch and reach people in a very personal and unique way.  From time to time, we have all been affected, each of us in our own way by music; its sounds, its rhythms and its melodies.  We believe that music can provide valuable support  both emotionally and psychologically  to families who are enduring what is, perhaps, the most distressing time of their lives.

As an extension of this work, we hope to promote open and frank dialogue with people about illness, injury, diagnosis and / or mental health.  We work to address the barriers which can arise between those affected and the world around them.  We hope that our work in the community will lead to better understanding of an individual’s experiences and the impact of them.  The effects of charitable acts and the change made possible through them and the direct impact that can be made by one community member on another.

The Krissy and Friends Foundation has no affiliation to any national charity or organisation.   All money raised stays in our local area for the benefit of families in our community.