Our team includes:

Kristin Moore (Founder, Trustee)
Kris is a local Ipswich girl who has worked, at one time or another, in care homes, schools and as a VSO aid worker in Namibia.   After beating cancer once, Kris was diagnosed again in 2013 and this time, despite a succession of operations and treatment programmes, her prognosis was advised as terminal, between one and five years.

A musician herself, she has been surrounded by musicians throughout her adult life, including her husband and she very quickly discovered that many of her friends totally supported the idea of providing music as a therapy to families in situations similar to hers.

When not at home with her husband or travelling in her camper van, Kris still plays music and performs at many of our events.

Kath Gosling (Chairperson, Trustee)
Kath is an Ipswich girl who met Kris when they were both just 11 years old and they have enjoyed all sorts of adventures together over the years, some amazing, some bizarre and some downright scary!  Kath has made many friends through Kris one of whom has become her partner so she has much to thank her for.

Their latest, shared adventure is the Krissy and Friends Foundation which has allowed her to meet many amazing people who have opened their hearts, their businesses, their diaries and their cheque books for the Foundation.  Kath believes there can be no better way to spend this invaluable time together supporting her best friend and helping her to face her ultimate challenge.

Cliff Hackett (Treasurer, Trustee)
As well as being Kristin’s father, Cliff is an accountant who devoted virtually all of his career to N.H.S. finance.   Having spent his early N.H.S. years with Health Authorities in Lancashire and Northumberland, Cliff came to East Anglia (Peterborough) in 1972, moved to Ipswich in 1974 and retired in 1995.

Since his retirement, he has contributed his accountancy skills and knowledge to a number of Ipswich-based charities as their Honorary Treasurer/Finance Director.   He presently has only one charity that requires his attention so he has plenty of time to attend to his other immediate priorities.

The top of the list is his family especially his favourite youngest daughter (but not forgetting his favourite eldest daughter)  followed closely by his golf, his TV sports and his love of music and literature.   In other words, he plays, watches, sings, listens and reads a lot.
Most importantly, the Foundation knows that its finances are in good hands.

Vera Laughlin (Secretary, Trustee)
Originally from Cambridgeshire, Vera moved to Ipswich in 1993 to pursue a career in Healthcare qualifying as an Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) in September 2000 and becoming registered with the Health Professions Council since 2006.   Due to somewhat meagre student earnings she supplemented her income as a barmaid in a local pub which is where she met Kris, Kath and her future husband and father of their daughter.   She has been close friends with Kris ever since and has continued to make many good friends,  lovely Ipswich people, in particular, via the local music scene.  Sad to say she considers herself to be talentless in this area herself.

Her core values include respect, integrity and empathy believing that an excellent organisation has a strong network of good communication which she aims to provide in her role as Secretary.  Vera considers it an honour to be involved in such a worthwhile charity and to work with a team of people who will always go the extra mile.

Molly Richardson (Media Executive, Trustee)
Molly has completed a media course at Suffolk New College and is undertaking an apprenticeship with Grapevine. She has a keen interest in modern music, and her family are musicians as well as music enthusiasts and they have both enabled her to gain knowledge of various musical styles/genres.

She has known Kris since she was a small child and is pleased to be able to use her knowledge to support this worthwhile Foundation.

Julie Richardson (Trustee)
Julie has known Kris for around 20 years, and they have become very good friends. They even took up Horse Riding together. She’s also a lover of music and married to a musician (which is how they met, through their partners being in the same band) and she loves helping others, especially if it involves cake sales, so becoming a trustee was a no-brainer!

Josh Keeble (Events, Media Co-ordinator, Trustee)
Josh Keeble is 23, was born and raised in Ipswich, his Mum is the foundations chairperson, therefore he has known Kris all his life.

Without these connections, this would still be the perfect foundation for him to support, he has always loved music, taught himself to play guitar and other instruments, but most importantly knows the positive effect music has had when he has struggled with difficult times. He is a teaching assistant in local primary education and sees first hand the obstacles and challenges that can sadly face children and their families.

Klaire Death  (Publication, Events Co-ordinator, Trustee)
Yummy mummy to Lily (4), Klaire, has been a great friend to Kris for the last 15 years. A signmaker by trade, she enjoys all things ‘makey’ and can often be found accompanying Kris on bass guitar and warbling in the background! She also enjoys thrashing the life out of her electric guitar and other various instruments!

She equally loves watching live bands, listening to records and jiving with the old boys down at her local Rock N’ Roll club. She has also been attending scooter & VW rallies for years, but her favourite thing is camper van adventures with Kris, as they’re always making music memories!

She’s very proud to be involved in such a fun charity with brilliant people for such a worthwhile cause.

Camilla Keeble  (Trustee)
Camilla has known Kris for about 4 years.  They first met when Camilla worked as a volunteer alongside Kris at a local High School.  They quickly formed a bond over coffee and knitting.  Before moving to Suffolk with her family, Camilla worked as a family law barrister in London.  She hopes her background and experience will bring a useful perspective to the committee.  Being warmly welcomed into the Foundation and introduced to the Ipswich music scene, as well as spending quality time with Kris, has been a rewarding experience for Camilla and one which she hopes will continue as the Foundation grows and flourishes.