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So what happened in 2017?

We have rammed this page full of all the GREAT things that happened in 2017 / 2018.

On August 19th 2017 the Steamboat Tavern, again, kindly threw their doors open and welcomed our fantastic, annual, Summer FUNdraiser.  The whole day was jam packed with a real mix of live acoustic music from local artists, Three out of Ten; James Morgan; Johnny Skeates and Bill Pip, whilst our many wonderful volunteers held our usual, ‘unusual’ raffle.  We had clothing/merchandise and music stalls, these were scattered among beautifully laid tables, offering the most delicious home made cakes and pastries kindly donated by Shirely Westgate and Maureen Richardson.  Out on the field, all were entertained with a Bouncy Castle; Drum Workshop; Craft Area and we topped the day off with our very own Raingutter Regatta Competition.

In the evening we saw the whole place turn into a Punk Party Venue with Special Duties; Waxies Dargle and The Dreggs inspiring us to keep going through the night until the early hours of morning.

What a great day.  Thanks to everyone who made it so special including the support of local businesses donating raffle prizes.  We raised a whopping £1,477.35!  BUT, it didn’t stop there as Alexander Radcliffe nominated us to receive his winning competition prize from TPP of £2,000.

Following our fantastic annual summer event, the lovely folk at Mannings hosted a great afternoon of music and fun, raising another, brilliant £320.  All artists were acoustic and unplugged giving a lovely chilled afternoon feel, thanks to Medicine HatCopperhead ToadLewis Pratt Music; Ash Carr; Emily Gray Music. Chris Asker, and all the staff and customers of Mannings!

Wow, and that was just August!!!

While most of us in September were putting our feet up, two of our great supporters; Rob Buttigieg & Claire Regale-Day, once again put on their running shoes to raise money for KFF – we cannot thank them enough for their continued support and commitment.

Rob Buttigeig & Claire Regale-Day completing the 10k Great East Run for Krissy & Friends Foundation. Good work Guys!


Rob Buttigieg proudly wearing his medal for smashing the 10k Great East Run – and getting a PB!! Well done Rob.

November allowed us to make new friends and catch up with old ones.  From the local Council to local business we were amazed at the charity fundraising that happens on a regular basis within our community so…

A huge thank you to Ipswich Crematorium for a surprise donation of £5,000!  As part of their inclusion in the National Recycling Scheme they were able to support our work with local children.  Special thanks to Karl, Steve and all the Ipswich Borough Council Staff.  Read the full article here.  What a great scheme this is.

As some of you may know, we like nothing better than spending time with old friends too, so, armed with cheese straws and cake we were welcomed back to Best Badges with a cup of tea and a whopping £430 donation (which they raised in only a month)!

Best Badges
If you know of an organisation that could benefit from their future fundraising please contact Best Badges for more details – you can be sure of a friendly response! Thank again Team BB! 

So where have we spent your donations????

One of our proudest moments of the year was being able to award Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward  with a fantastic piece of cutting edge interactive equipment.  Our mission here was to provide therapeutic play through music to young patients and their siblings at the most difficult time of treatments, procedures and recovery. The staff and parents were blown away by the adaptability and range of activities this system offers patients of all ages and abilities at all stages of recovery.  You can read the full article here

Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward receive our donation of a new Omivista Interactive  projection system.

We all hope the children in our lives will never need the services of the hospital but providing the medical and educational staff with any help to improve a young patients stay is valuable, this is what makes your donations so important, thank you!

From left to right Camilla Keeble, Trustee of KFF; Keren Brooke, Hospital Play Specialist; Martin Webb, ICR Director; Ellie Griss, Mayor’’s consort; Roger Fern, Mayor of Ipswich; Ellen Farrance, Children’’s Unit Sister; Rob Buttigieg, Fundraiser; Sophie Peck, Fundraiser; and Shirley Westgate, Fundraiser.  Picture was taken at Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward.

Another great project  within Ipswich is 4YP (4 Young People).  We had great fun in donating all the equipment a functioning band would need to this project.  4YP is a fantastic place where young people in the community can come together and make new friends, chat, receive support and learn new things.  Local business owner, James Garden of West End Music fully supported us by not only helping to deliver the equipment but giving a discount on all the items.

The picture below shows, from left to right, Tibbs from the Youth Health Project on lead vocals; James Garden from West End Music on bass; Jake on drums and Klaire Death, Trustee from Krissy and Friends Foundation on lead guitar.

4YP receive full equipment to form a band, experiment with music, or express  themselves, maybe even performing live.

We have also provided Doucecroft School with funds to purchase music resources.  Doucecroft School provides education to young people within East Anglia who have autistic spectrum conditions.  Jane Smart, Head Teacher, advised us that music plays an important role in their curriculum, it engages young people who previously may not have been able to access education successfully.  It raises self-esteem and provides enjoyment and motivates students to learn.  Below are some photos of how your donations have supported young people at this school.

We were delighted to support another local charity during 2017.  Musica have been working with, predominately, adults with learning difficulties.  However, their successful style of expression has been adapted successfully to work within local specialist schools.  They took this knowledge and, with our financial support, began a project with young people in our community.  This 6 week course saw young people coming together on a weekly basis resulting in a live music performance held at the Smokehouse in Ipswich.  It was an amazing and emotive evening with young people overcoming fears not only at learning something new, like playing a guitar or writing heart felt poetry, but being able to perform to family and friends.  Musica are currently working on a video of the evening that we cannot wait to let you all watch.  In the meantime, here is a photo of some of the young performers.

South Street Kids Project have been doing some amazing work with children in one of Ipswich’s most deprived areas.  This project noticed that the wider community of young people – especially those with mental health issues, PTSD and those suffering the effects of trauma – were not always catered for.  They have requested funding to support the costs of putting on an – open to all – Music Day Event for South Street Kids in 2018.

Kath Gosling, Chairperson of Krissy & Friends Foundation, received a very warm welcome with lots of questions and enthusiasm when making this donation.  Some great dancing was witnessed and music was used to communicate and express.  Thank you South Street Kids, we look forward to enjoying your forthcoming music day event.

South Street Kids Project get a £1,000 towards their Music Day scheduled for 2018

We cannot wait to keep you updated with things planned for 2018.  Keep looking back for more information.

Rob’s Great South Run

Rob Buttigieg is running the Great South Run on 23rd October 2016 for Krissy & Friends Foundation!

We are over the moon that he has chosen to support us whilst he undertakes this challenge.  If anyone knows Rob you’ll be aware that this is  a truly big task he has undertaken. What an absolute star, thank you so much Rob.

Please click on this link and support him to reach the finish line:

Words from Rob himself…

“Hello! As you know I am a firm believer that cars were invented to prevent things like people running about. However, those that know me will also understand the lure of a stupid fancy dress costume, with that in mind I am raising money for the wonderful Krissy and Friends Foundation. This is an excellent charity making a real difference in their community and I am proud to be able to help them in any way I can. Even if it does mean dressing up like an idiot and running about for 10 miles.”

When we started this charity we aimed to change the lives of young people through music.  Who knew we could influence our friends to run around in silly costumes for us!  We believe that Robs life has changed, we were all moved and inspired by the Krissy and Friends Marathon runners but Rob has embraced the inner athlete, taken to the streets and made a difference to the lives of others. He has smashed his £100 target raising a whopping £146 with gift aid.  We are proud to call him our friend and know the monies raised will be put to good use. Thank you Rob on behalf of the young people and their families who will benefit from your hard work.


Multi Pub Music Quiz 2016 – RESULTS

A huge thank you to all the venues & attendees who supported our Multi Pub Charity Quiz on the 29th September 2016.

Results are in…

With all your support we have raised a massive £625.12 and with the generosity of the highest scoring team, ‘Hunted by a Freak,’ donating their £100 prize money into the pot, that tops up to £725.12!!!

The Dove won the highest average scoring pub trophy and The Shamrock wins the trophy for most funds raised.  All the pubs played their part in helping vulnerable children across East Anglia access music as therapy.

it was a quiet night in and around Ipswich but our lovely pubs and supporters rallied to put the fun in fundraising, they guessed, giggled and groaned through the evening and astounded us with their musical knowledge!!!  Great work Quiz masters!!!

Plans are already afoot to make next year bigger and better, with quizzes being donated and more pubs offering to take part, so keep your eyes and ears open as our big quiz night grows you might want to plan your team now!

Raingutter Regatta Rules 2016

The Krissy & Friends and Steamboat Tavern Raingutter Regatta boat race is back again for it’s second year as part of the Summer Fundraising Day 2016.

This event is open to everyone!

Entrants (teams or individuals) will need to create a boat (following the specifications below) – you are free to paint and decorate your boat as you chose and prizes will be awarded for design, as well as race winners. Boats can be constructed prior to the day or materials will be provided on the day. Sailboats will race along a specially adapted raingutter filled with water.

All boats and Captains must be registered by 3pm in order to participate.

Trophies will be awarded to First, Second and Third place winners of both the Race and for Design, so make and name your boat, assign your captain and RACE!

Good luck!


1) Boat Specifications:

  • No other form of propulsion besides the sail is allowed.
  • Length: up to 18cm (maximum).
  • Height: May not exceed 18cm from the top of the deck to the tip of the mast.
  • Sail: The sail can be made from any material, but the dimensions should not exceed 14cm high and 10cm wide.
  • Width: There is no official maximum or minimum width for the boat although the width of the raingutter is about 12cm wide and the boat must sit down inside the gutter in order to race.
  • Weight: No weight restrictions.
  • Decorations/Additions: Objects such as sailors, cannons, etc. may be added. All such decorations must be firmly fastened to the boat, and may not be placed in such a manner as to exceed the boat  dimensions as listed above.
  • Bowsprits (large spars projecting forward from the stem) are prohibited in racing competition, as they extend the overall length of the boat, providing an unfair advantage.
  • Body: The body can be made from any materials. It may be shaped, hollowed out, or built up, as long as it meets all other specifications.
  • Boat must be able to carry a Krissy & Friends / Steamboat Lego mascot (these will be provided on the day) from start to finish.

Tip – a winning raingutter racer stays on an even keel, moves in a straight line, keeps the bow above water and does not drag.

2) Inspection and Registration: 

Before the race begins, all participating “Captains” must check-in with their boats. Here are the pre-race check-in details:

  • Before a boat may compete in the regatta, it is subject to a technical inspection by the Raingutter Regatta Commodore, to verify that it meets the prescribed specifications (see 1) Boat Specifications above for details). If a problem is noted, the Captain may be asked to correct it before the boat is registered.
  • When the boat passes inspection, it is then registered along with the boat name and the Captain’s name.
  • Registration cutoff will be no later than 30 minutes before race start time for all participants. Boats that have not registered by the cutoff deadline (3pm) will not race, so plan to arrive early enough to get your boat registered.

3) Race Procedure: 

Every race has to have rules, and ours is no exception. Here’s what to expect:

  • Power: No motors, paddles, or other devices allowed. An unattached straw to help direct wind at the sail is allowed, but only the captain can provide the wind.
  • Each race heat will involve two equal lengths of raingutter (approximately 3 metres long) filled with water.
  • The race heat begins once the official starter has placed the competing boats against the back wall of the gutter and commands the boats to “GO!”
  • Pushing the boat forward is NOT allowed while righting a capsized or stuck boat by hand. Pushing may result in disqualification.
  • The first boat to reach the finish line (the opposite end of the gutter) is the winner of that heat. The finish line official(s) will have the final and only say in determining the winner. In the unlikely event of a tie, the heat will be rerun.
  • The race will be run as a double elimination format, with the winners of each heat advancing until the third, second, and first place winners are determined for each rank.
  • First, Second, and Third Places will be awarded either Design or Racing awards.
  • Ungentlemanly or unsportsmanlike conduct by any participant or spectator may be grounds for expulsion from the competition and/or the race area.

Hope you’ve got your thinking caps on – see you on the big day!

Referrals Now Welcome…

What a fantastic couple of years we have had and such exciting times ahead.

With your help we are now in a position to support individual children or young people and their families in East Anglia with ‘Therapy Through Music’.

This could mean we fund a course of sessions with a qualified Music Therapist or arrange a bespoke package tailored to meet the individual child or young persons specific need/s.  Bespoke packages could be anything from funding a family trip to see a show to arranging music lessons or providing musical equipment.  Whatever the need we aim to meet it.


Please contact us through our referral page.


We welcome referrals from anyone and everyone.  You do not need to be a professional to make a referral.

We aim to support as many children and young people as possible.  With your help we hope to increase the amount we reach.  Our next fund raising event is our Summer Fundriaser on 23rd July 2016 at the Steamboat Tavern, Ipswich.  We hope you to see you there.

Many thanks from all of us at KFF for your support in getting us to where we are today. Your generosity will benefit many local families.