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Fundraising Bike Ride… Complete! £581.50

As we spoke about in our previous post.  Two wonderful lads, Richard Chapman and Tony Stollery, decided to raise money for our foundation by undertaking an 100k bike ride on the 30th of August. They completed the gruelling challenge in an amazing 4 hours and 37 minutes. With all 100 KM’s covered with no wrong turns or punctures!!! Rest up those sore legs and bums guys and enjoy a day of no training! The guys raised a whopping £581.50.  A big well done and a huge thank you from all of us at Krissy & Friends!


Fundrasing Bike Ride

Hi all….. Well it’s time to let you know what’s going on. We have been approached by 2 wonderful lads who would like to raise money for our foundation, Richard Chapman and Tony Stollery. Please read on to know the adventure they’re attempting to undertake.

The two fitness boys are training to undertake a 100k bike ride next week to raise money for our foundation. Sean Smith-Reeve is supporting them by collecting donations. We all hope your mad training sessions to get fit are going well. There are only 8 sleeps till the actual event!

As quoted from one of the lads, “This year I’ve been trying hard to get out on my bike and put in the miles. Although I enjoy the cycling it has also all been with the aim of raising money for charity. My father in law had a smart idea a few months ago of getting me to do the 100km ‘crafted classic sportive’ ride on 30 August this year setting off from Ipswich marina. At that point the furthest I’d managed was 51km. Since then I have upped that to doing 67km in one ride so I still have some way to go in the next month but I will be doing everything I can to complete all the 100km. Compared to the distances some people can achieve on a bike I realise this will be small fry but we all have to start somewhere and for me this will be a major achievement”.

WOW, we can’t thank you enough… Keep us updated with your training guys so we can keep everyone in the loop. (Though not too much detail if you’re saddle sore!).