This is where we will be sharing stories of those whom we have helped or have been helped in the past through music therapy and more.

11092115_10153439107993646_6953910545860935606_n“This is my son, Tom, having music therapy a few years ago now with Ray at East Anglia’s Children’s Hospice (EACH). Music therapy is so important and has helped Tom so much. Sadly we don’t see Ray now as Tom has started school at Thomas Wolsey School but he still receives music therapy there. Well done on your 1st birthday and for raising such a fantastic amount for the Hospice.” – Nicky Brown, Supporter 





“As part of our ‘Switch’ course, on encouraging and empowering students – through advice and guidance – to create campaigns / pressure groups and ‘be in charge’, Kris and Kath came to Hadleigh High School to deliver a session.

During the session, they explained why they set up their charity and the issues involved in setting it up.  They also challenged preconceptions based on appearances – demonstrating the difficulty in identifying those people with life threatening conditions, and even those who may not have a condition themselves, but help others who do.

Kris and Kath gave our students a real insight not only into the ‘bread and butter’ issues of running a charity / campaign, but also the idea that we can all be more charitable everyday.  All this was wonderfully delivered in a professional and engaging session.  The students gave overwhelmingly positive feedback.

I will certainly be inviting Kris and Kath back for more inspirational, informative and engaging sessions at Hadleigh.” – James MacRae, Teacher at Hadleigh High School



Kris and Kath ran a series of workshops for our Year 10 students as part of a PSHE/RE conference day. They explored how to run a charity and some of the ways they can help the most vulnerable in the community.

Students rated this workshop as “excellent” and learnt a lot from their friendly and professional attitude and their passion for helping others. Some of the students’ feedback is below:

“I learnt the difference between ‘charity’ and ‘charitable’.”
“That even the smallest thing you do can help someone in need.”
“That it is much easier to be charitable and help people than I thought.”
“I learnt about what charity means and that it isn’t just about giving money.” – Joshua Hunt, Chaplin to Felixstowe Academy

Thank you so much to Felixstowe Academy for having us. We had a wonderful day meeting their Year 10 students. We found that all 40 students who attended our workshops were polite, intuitive, engaging and all possessed a great ‘team work’ ethos. They are an absolute credit to both their school and their families. – Kris and Kath, of Krissy and Friends 

One of our proudest moments in 2017 was being able to award Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward  with a fantastic piece of cutting edge interactive equipment.  Our mission here was to provide therapeutic play through music to young patients and their siblings at the most difficult time of treatments, procedures and recovery. The staff and parents were blown away by the adaptability and range of activities this system offers patients of all ages and abilities at all stages of recovery.  You can read the full article here

Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward receive our donation of a new Omivista Interactive  projection system.

We all hope the children in our lives will never need the services of the hospital but providing the medical and educational staff with any help to improve a young patients stay is valuable, this is what makes your donations so important, thank you!

From left to right Camilla Keeble, Trustee of KFF; Keren Brooke, Hospital Play Specialist; Martin Webb, ICR Director; Ellie Griss, Mayor’’s consort; Roger Fern, Mayor of Ipswich; Ellen Farrance, Children’’s Unit Sister; Rob Buttigieg, Fundraiser; Sophie Peck, Fundraiser; and Shirley Westgate, Fundraiser.  Picture was taken at Ipswich Hospital Children’s Ward.

Another great project  within Ipswich is 4YP (4 Young People).  We had great fun in donating all the equipment a functioning band would need to this project.  4YP is a fantastic place where young people in the community can come together and make new friends, chat, receive support and learn new things.  Local business owner, James Garden of West End Music fully supported us by not only helping to deliver the equipment but giving a discount on all the items.

The picture below shows, from left to right, Tibbs from the Youth Health Project on lead vocals; James Garden from West End Music on bass; Jake on drums and Klaire Death, Trustee from Krissy and Friends Foundation on lead guitar.

4YP receive full equipment to form a band, experiment with music, or express  themselves, maybe even performing live.

Doucecroft School

We have also provided Doucecroft School with funds to purchase music resources.  Doucecroft School provides education to young people within East Anglia who have autistic spectrum conditions.  Jane Smart, Head Teacher, advised us that music plays an important role in their curriculum, it engages young people who previously may not have been able to access education successfully.  It raises self-esteem and provides enjoyment and motivates students to learn.  Below are some photos of how your donations have supported young people at this school.


We were delighted to support another local charity during 2017.  Musica have been working with, predominately, adults with learning difficulties.  However, their successful style of expression has been adapted successfully to work within local specialist schools.  They took this knowledge and, with our financial support, began a project with young people in our community.  This 6 week course saw young people coming together on a weekly basis resulting in a live music performance held at the Smokehouse in Ipswich.  It was an amazing and emotive evening with young people overcoming fears not only at learning something new, like playing a guitar or writing heart felt poetry, but being able to perform to family and friends.  Musica are currently working on a video of the evening that we cannot wait to let you all watch.  In the meantime, here is a photo of some of the young performers.



South Street Kids have been doing some amazing work with children in one of Ipswich’s most deprived areas.  This project noticed that the wider community of young people – especially those with mental health issues, PTSD and those suffering the effects of trauma – were not always catered for.  They have requested funding to support the costs of putting on an – open to all – Music Day Event for South Street Kids in 2018.

Kath Gosling, Chairperson of Krissy & Friends Foundation, received a very warm welcome with lots of questions and enthusiasm when making this donation.  Some great dancing was witnessed and music was used to communicate and express.  Thank you South Street Kids, we look forward to enjoying your forthcoming music day event.

South Street Kids Project get a £1,000 towards their Music Day scheduled for 2018